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Espresso, Pizza, Pasta and Gelato in Culver City

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Yesterday, everybody was taking sides... and watching one side get completely humiliated.

Today, let’s talk about everybody taking sides... and getting plenty of decadent Italian food either way.

Prepare to see double at EnjoEat Classico and EnjoEat Espresso—it’s two Italian spots under one roof, with pizza and pasta on one side, pastries and coffee on the other—now open in Culver City.

It’s the kind of clean, minimalist spot that could devour your entire day in Italy. Only it’s... two spots. Kind of. But really. They’re divided by a glass partition.

To explain: when you need coffee with biscotti or freshly baked bread for breakfast, you’ll visit the more casual bakery half on the left side and order at the counter. Or take a two-top for lunch and watch those breads getting some cured ham and handmade mozzarella put between them.

The right side is the Felix Unger of the two—a slightly more formal scenario you’ll visit for lunches starring spaghetti carbonara and seafood salad. And authentic dinner-and-a-movie-date dinners potentially involving pizza, grilled barramundi and a bottle of Barolo before hitting the movie theater next door.

One month and eight Best Picture nominees to go...

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