Loló and Behold

The Bigger, Brighter, Crazier Version of Loló

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You never know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Behind some of them, you might find sunflowers in cowboy boots, ceramic cats with mustaches, wall-mounted car doors, bike-handlebar chandeliers, and enough tequila and mezcal to ride out an apocalypse.

Hopefully, anyway. Hopefully you find those things.

Yes, it’s true: the bigger, flashier, crazier new version of Loló is here, and it’s got all the Tacos Tropical and tequila you’d rightfully demand, opening Monday in its new location on Valencia.

You know the deal here. If you went to a friend’s house, and she made great tacos and strong drinks, and she was kind of crazy (in a good way), it would feel just like a night at Loló.

So if you’re finally on a first date with your regular barista, that beautiful enigma, come here. You... won’t lack for things to talk about. Start with a drink at either the main bar or the Agave Bar in the back: all the classics stayed on the menu, but also new drinks like the Gold Digger, with mezcal, lemon verbena and bitters.

Eventually, smells will happen. Delicious smells that require you eat some tacos or try one of the new offerings—oyster-and-pork-chin-confit sopes.

You knew you smelled pork-chin confit.


974 Valencia St
(at 21st)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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