The Hunger Game

Your Super Bowl Sunday Menu

Sunday, finally, you’ll get to watch the epic battle for greatness—smart money’s on Suzanne Goin’s chorizo-infused queso at your Super Bowl party, but the Lindy & Grundy sausage dogs might come from behind. Here are five superior delivery or takeout options for the big day.

Chorizo-Infused Queso: Yes, Please

Chorizo-Infused Queso: Yes, Please

The Usual: Store-bought dip from the supermarket, with some less-than-identifiable ingredients.
The Upgrade: Handmade dips for eight from Suzanne Goin’s kitchen, including artichoke and spinach, onion with sweet potato chips, or chorizo-infused queso with poblano peppers. In the meantime, work on your passing game.

Grilled Sausages from the Fat Dog

Grilled Sausages from the Fat Dog

The Usual: Wan hot dogs from the frozen section. Less said here, the better.
The Upgrade: Three warm sausages on grilled ciabatta with mustard and pickled vegetables. The meat’s from Lindy & Grundy next door, so it involves words like “organic,” “pasture-raised” and “Can’t talk now, mouth full of deliciousness.”

Available for takeout all day, $14, The Fat Dog, 801 N Fairfax Ave, 323-951-0030

A Majestic Bludso’s Barbecue for Six

A Majestic Bludso’s Barbecue for Six

The Usual: You missing kickoff to labor over the grill.
The Upgrade: The Tray from Bludso’s, piled high with a half-pound of brisket, pulled pork, rib tips, half a chicken, two hot links and an entire rack of pork ribs. Oh, and all their sides. Feeds up to six. Or one linebacker.

Order at least 48 hours in advance for Sunday pickup, $95, Bludso’s, 609 N La Brea Ave, 323-931-2583

And Korean Wings from Bibigo, Obviously

And Korean Wings from Bibigo, Obviously

The Usual: Wings that aren’t from Bibigo.
The Upgrade: Wings that are from Bibigo. Think enough boneless Korean wings for six, tossed in a sweet-and-spicy sauce and served with a side of green okra. You’re ordering them for the okra.

Available for delivery Feb 2 (two-mile radius from Beverly Hills location only with $100 minimum), Bibigo, 225 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-275-0011

Beer Delivery from Oaks Gourmet

Beer Delivery from Oaks Gourmet

The Usual: Six-packs of shiny cans that nobody’s happy about but everyone makes do with.
The Upgrade: Door-to-door delivery of high-quality beers like Pliny the Elder, Dogfish Head’s Ancient Ale series and Cascade sour ales. In short, not the ones in all the commercials.

Available all day for pickup or delivery ($20 minimum), The Oaks Gourmet, 1915 N Bronson Ave, Franklin Village, 323-871-8894

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