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So. The folks behind Rick’s Cabaret and the folks at Vivid (we’ll assume you’re passingly familiar) have collaborated on the very purple new club Vivid Cabaret. It’s now open, and the words below are things you should know about it.

Feel free to do a little window-shopping first.
They’ve got a full-time go-go dancer on a small platform in the front window. It spruces up the block quite nicely.

The tallest stripper pole in this city is now 25 feet.
It’s here. One of the dancers has a trick where she slides full speed from the top and stops on a dime with her face just off the stage. It’s majestic.

That mirror on the upstairs stage/balcony—it only works one way.
And not for the dancer.

Porn stars are launching radio careers in the booth next to that.
While you’re sipping bottles of Dom, some of Vivid’s better-known talent is on the air discussing... uh, the pros and cons of universal pre-K. Something like that.

There’s a terrace. And yes, they can dance on it.
... When it thaws. Sure, you’ve got to be a super VIP (or was that Super Bowl MVP?) for access to this outdoor-deck extension of one of the third-floor private rooms, but we believe in you.

If you’re a public official, or aspire to be, no worries.
There’s a discreet second entrance that looks very much like a classic New York walk-up stairwell.

Because that’s what it is.


Vivid Cabaret
61 W 37th St
(between 5th and 6th)
New York, NY, 10018


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