Kingdom of Seven

A Vast, Italian-Made Utopia for Your Body

Hey, so how about that fountain in Midtown that froze solid this morning...


Anyway, don’t freak out. We talked about what to do here. Your next steps are:

1. Stay calm.
2. Bourbon.
3. Obtain warm and smashing clothing.

The kind you’ll find at Sevenbell, a new site from the same people who manufactured the first jeans in Italy and are now manufacturing warm things that cater to the rest of your body, online now.

These guys have been making jeans since 1949. Smart of them, what with jeans being wonderful and all. But now they’ve expanded that niche to include a whole lot of mostly Italian-made things. Some are casual (T-shirts with pinup girls on them). Some are not (wool blazers with horn buttons on them). But all of them are clothes.

Start with your feet. Maybe go gray suede boots. Then work your way up. Down-filled bomber jackets. Cardigans. Whatever feels right for right now, because it’ll all look significantly less acceptable come spring.

Oh, and don’t forget about the little things like virgin-wool scarves and cashmere socks and leather belts. Because they have those, too.

And you have a neck, feet and a waist.

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