Things to do for January 23, 2014

The Weekender

Football, Pancakes and Outer Space

The weekend is hand-plowing the Upper East Side.

UD - The New Museum Got a Spaceship

The New Museum Got a Spaceship

And now, an art date. It takes place in a spaceship. More precisely, a room inspired by one from a Cold War–era Eastern Bloc film called Ikarie XB-1. Inside: videos, sculptures and installations about what the Russians thought the future would look like. And don’t tell us you haven’t seen Ikarie XB-1.

UD - It’s One Hell of a Good Sale Weekend

It’s One Hell of a Good Sale Weekend

Step 1: Visit Ernest Alexander sale. Get spectacular bag to put things in.
Step 2: Visit Freemans Sporting Club sale. Get three-piece flannel suit. Look spectacular.
Step 3: Visit Drake’s London pop-up sale at C’H’C’M’. Add spectacular cashmere tie to Step 2’s suit.
Step 4: Sense “spectacular” theme. Perfect strut.

UD - Classic Football Cards. For Culture.

Classic Football Cards. For Culture.

There’s a well-regarded football event happening in town soon. Perhaps you’re aware. And even the Met Museum’s getting in on the action. This—this is an entire museum exhibit of rare football cards, including an actual Knute Rockne card. So yes, you’re doing this for the Gipper.

UD - The Booziest Brunch of Them All

The Booziest Brunch of Them All

If there’s one thing you’re not not into, it’s chocolate chip pancakes. Another thing you’re sure to avoid avoiding: shrimp-and-bacon-garnished Bloodys. Thus, you’ll go to Golden Cadillac’s new brunch, where those things allegedly represent the ’70s in some way. Works for you.

What Else Is New
UD - Pizza. Sushi. Here’s a Taste.

New Pizza. New Sushi. Here’s a Taste.

If pizza’s your bag: A Spotted Pig vet’s doing wood-fired pies and crispy pig ears at Emily in Clinton Hill.
If you trust Eric Ripert: One of his off-duty omakase haunts, Sushi Seki, is now doing high-quality bonito and abalone in Chelsea. And yeah, he knows seafood a little.

Elsewhere on the Daddy

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