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Begyle Opens Its Taproom

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

We say that means a child is a lot like a brewery.

And what that means is our humble village just raised one doozy of a baby: Begyle Brewing Co., the Kickstarter-backed beer company, is slated to open its first retail shop as early as Friday.

You’re familiar with these guys. Community-supported brewers. Offer growler subscriptions. Been around since 2012, with beers like Crash Landed (its American pale wheat ale) and Hophazardly (its IPA) popping up in bars, cafés and liquor stores. Well, now you can go straight to the source.

It’s a simple affair—just a counter, a few tap lines, some Begyle T-shirts, pint glasses and assorted merch. You can sample up to nine kinds of beer or arrange a private tasting and tour. You can throw around words like “hoppy” and “bung.” Especially “bung.”

But mainly, you’ll drop by to get your growler refilled. See, they have the only counter-pressure filler of its type in the state (one of 11 in the US). It can take your growler from empty to full in 32 seconds flat.

So basically the Porsche of growler fillers.


Begyle Brewing Co.
1800 W Cuyler Ave
(at Ravenswood)
Chicago, IL, 60613

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