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A Nine-Course Tasting Room from Curtis Stone

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The fatal flaw of all food-based reality TV:

When someone like Curtis Stone cooks a delicious-looking meal on screen, it’s of absolutely no use to you. Can’t eat your TV screen.

But when he opens up an intimate restaurant in Beverly Hills for nine-course tastings instead—that. That is much more useful to you.

Meet Maude, a minuscule new spot for nine-course dinners, taking reservations now for previews starting Tuesday. It officially opens February 1.

Picture a well-appointed dinner party at some Beverly Hills producer’s house. White brick walls, tasteful art, shelves of wine bottles, ceramic teapots, silver platters and antique cream jars. Now throw a towering, telegenic Aussie in the kitchen and you’ve got this place.

There are only 25 seats here, so you’ll need to work out a reservation. And secure a date who’s notoriously unsatisfied by mere eight-course meals. Each month, Stone will build his nine-course menu around one signature ingredient or element, and that menu is the only option. First up: citrus. That means lobster crudo with blood orange, and lemon curd with hempseed and yuzu sorbet, and seven other things.

So basically, you can just sit back and let it all happen—you don’t have to make any tough decisions all night, except whether or not you want a wine pairing.

Like we said, no tough decisions.


212 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


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