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A Monumental Day of Endless Wine and Napa Beauty

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Well, you did it. First full week of work after the new year: done. Nice job.

And now for your reward.

We’re thinking either a motivational sing-o-gram from Richard Simmons, or a massive Napa wine spot...

Consider a rather immediate trip to Hall St. Helena, a massive compound of wine that offers about 73,442 ways to do some tastings over the course of a beautiful Napa day, now open.

You don’t use the word “breathtaking” lightly. In fact, you don’t really ever use it at all. We can respect that. So let’s just say this is not an ugly place to drink some wine. Historic grounds. Willow trees bent into sculptures. Tables made of tree trunks. Glass cubes with wine inside. It’s all happening.

Do this: the Bergfeld Tour & Tasting. They start every hour, by appointment. You’ll start with a taste of sauvignon blanc. You’ll middle with a cabernet at a 43-foot log table. And you’ll end after having seen the sculptural willows, the fermentation facility, a light installation that looks like flying birds and one of three glass-walled private rooms. And lots of wine.

You won’t have time for bocce, probably, but the bocce court isn’t quite done yet anyhow.

Or the infinity pool.



Hall St. Helena
401 St. Helena Hwy
(near White)
St. Helena, CA, 94574


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