Winter’s Bone

Surf and Turf Redefined on a Sunset Patio

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And the short rib asada fries go to...

Whoever’s populating a massive golden table on Sunset instead of attending the Golden Globes.

Watch the length of your speech at Herringbone, Brian Malarkey’s shimmering Sunset Strip ode to surf, turf and fries covered in more turf, soft-opening tomorrow at Mondrian.

That’s right: Asia de Cuba went to that great big flowerpot in the sky. Past the Mondrian lobby, you’ll now find this opulent galley of salmon-scale chairs, sailing-line chandeliers and gold-dipped fish skeletons from Brian Malarkey—you know him from Top Chef, The Taste and having more restaurants randomly named after fabrics than... the guy with the second most restaurants randomly named after fabrics.

So you’ve got two options. One: show up with cadre of clients. Secure large round gold-topped table. And get into your plates of surf and turf—think scallops with sweetbreads and chicken-liver mousse with caviar. Yeah, typical surf and turf.

Option two: that patio. It’s still there. And the sky: still there, too. So your second and perhaps more compelling option (all due respect to client cadre) is to lead a date out onto that patio for chicken-fried uni and waffles—right, chicken-fried-uni-and-waffle date—at a breezy table near the illuminated puffer fish in lobster traps.

Conversation started.

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