Things to do for January 09, 2014

The Weekender

Buck Beers, Lionfish and Gifts from the Internet

Please, call me Weekend. Mr. Weekend was my father.

Rye 51 Goes Online

Rye 51 Goes Online

You know Rye 51, that West Village home of dapper things. Well, they’ve got a shiny new webstore to show you. It’s stocked full of denim and button-downs, plus lots of American-made goodness from the likes of Red Wing and Imogene + Willie. Perfect if you’re behind on your holiday shopping.

Online now, Rye 51, 214-780-0202

UD Hookup:
Now through Sunday, use the code “urbandaddy” at checkout to get 20% off your order.

Christening Community’s New Taproom

Christening Community’s New Taproom

The Community Beer guys are unveiling their new taproom tomorrow, and they’re celebrating just how you’d hoped. By releasing a special coffee porter made in collaboration with Ascension Coffee. It’s only right that you show up to properly introduce yourself and taste the new suds. Hey, everyone’s got a part to play.

Sundown Is Two. Beers Are One.

Sundown Is Two. Beers Are One.

It’s been two years since Sundown and its fine rooftop first graced Greenville Ave. So to commemorate the occasion, they’re spending Monday through Thursday plying you with $1 bottled beers. Also, half-price salads. To soak up the beer, we guess.

Eating Lionfish Like a Hero

Eating Lionfish Like a Hero

Turns out, lionfish don’t play nicely with others. See, they’re destroying ecosystems in the Caribbean and something must be done. Enter TJ’s and Driftwood, who’ve teamed up to source and serve five courses’ worth of the little bastards on Monday. Grilled, poached, raw, you name it. Then, you eat it.

Jan 13, 7pm, $80, Driftwood, 642 W Davis St, reserve at 214-942-2530

Outpost Just Made Tuesdays Great...

Outpost Just Made Tuesdays Great...

... and all it took was some half-price sriracha hot wings, cheeseburgers and white-wine-steamed mussels. Don’t worry, they still taste full price.

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