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A Chocolate Shop in a Hollow Tree: Sure, Okay

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You recently resolved to spend more time enjoying all the beautiful nature LA has to offer.

Yeah, especially all those hollowed-out trees with chocolate shops inside.

Peer curiously into ZenBunni Biodynamic Chocolate—yes, it’s a minuscule chocolate shop tucked inside of the split trunk of a tree, and it’s now open in... well, Venice, obviously.

Say you’re standing on Abbot Kinney holding a nearly empty cup of hot Intelligentsia. Or you just wrapped a savory brunch at the Tasting Kitchen. Or... whatever. You suddenly just need chocolate from a tree trunk. Walk behind the Left House store and duck under some tangled vines, and there you’ll find it: a gnarled, hollow tree lit by turtle shell lanterns and hand-painted stars. No hobbits, no Smaug desolating...

... just a small glass counter with seven varieties of colorful, individually wrapped chocolates, each the size of a domino, with flavors from chai to chili-spiked Mexican hot chocolate.

And if this all seems way too normal so far, just know ZenBunni is currently experimenting with possible new flavors of chocolates infused with ants and deer placenta.

Fingers crossed for Valentine’s Day.


ZenBunni Biodynamic Chocolate
1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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