Silo Can You Go

Swiss Food in a Former Adult Video Store

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Today we come bearing heavy news: it’s now harder than ever to find a peep show near Mount Vernon Square.

We know, take a minute...

But let’s look on the bright side. It’s now much easier to find crab cakes with lobster foam. Or ice cubes made of hard cider and liquid smoke.

Welcome to Silo, a bar and Swiss-focused dining room in a former adult video store/peep-show palace, now open.

This erstwhile storefront of ill repute has now been stripped to its industrial essence—brick-and-plaster walls, a big skylight, pendant lights in cages and... wait, are those bullet holes in the concrete? Yeah, maybe they are. Even the owner’s not sure.

Anyway, perhaps you can start debating gentrification as you and a date settle in at the concrete bar and decide between cocktails like the Five-Pepper Gimlet and the Scotch Striptease (scotch and the aforementioned smoked-cider ice cube).

But if you’re making a night out of it, grab a table (they’re made from plumbing pipes) and take a gander at the Swiss chef’s menu. There you’ll find things like vanilla-braised frog legs on garlic risotto and roasted veal neck.

You won’t have to pay another quarter to see it again.

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