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Eight Days of Helicoptering About Ethiopia

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Scholars claim it’s the origin of all human life.

Theologians claim it’s home to the Ark of the Covenant.

But we claim it’s a pretty good place to have a helicopter at your disposal.

Yep, we’ve got proof...

Hold on to your hat for Ethiopia by Helicopter, an eight-day safari by chopper across a veritable highlight reel of natural African wonders, taking reservations now.

Think of this as... well, exactly what it is. A week with a flying chauffeur to escort you over river canyons, acid lakes and at least one rather active volcano, stopping along the way whenever you need some rest (somewhere slightly more comfortable than a salt flat or a magma pool).

You’ll arrive in the capital, Addis Ababa—a fine town, but you’re not here for the city. You’re making for the countryside, and all its baboon herds, camel trains and medieval cave churches carved into hunks of stone. And the home-cooked meals eaten with no utensils whatsoever, naturally.

So for all that, you’ll have a helicopter whisking you to a different sulfur spring or tribal village or other existence-redefining sight each day—including that very active lava-filled volcano that’s been erupting since 1967.

Go ahead, toss in a penny.


Ethiopia by Helicopter
via Extraordinary Journeys
Addis Ababa and Lalibela
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