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A Wine Bar and Lasagneria in Noe Valley

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What this town has no shortage of: wine bars.

What this town really needs at least one of: wine bars that are also lasagna bars.

Steady your utensils for the multilayered crimping splendor of La Nebbia, a deceptively simple cove of 100 Italian wines and three lasagnas and a couple other things (like pizza), now open in Noe Valley.

You’ll find this just around the corner from its Sardinian cousin, La Ciccia—an unfussy, lemon-walled spot whose best view is at the marble bar, where you can gaze longingly at the pizza oven and all that wine. It’s 99.9% Italian, plus some French sparkling wine, just to keep you from putting it into some sort of box. It hates when you do that.

So come in. Sit wherever. Sort out the beginnings of the wine situation. Eventually, you’ll want some lasagna, and there will always be three (ever-changing) options—right now they’re meaty, seafood-y and pesto-y, respectively. On the off chance you or your date would prefer a squid-ink pizza or just a little prosciutto, sure, okay, they’ve got that, too.

They’re not some kind of lasagna fascists.


La Nebbia
1781 Church St
(at 30th)
San Francisco, CA, 94131


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