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Stockholm Syndrome

5,000 Square Feet of Swedish Jeans and Coffee

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It’s given you so much through the years:

Strange disco-pop, funny-talking puppet chefs and incongruous furniture-store meatballs...

Today, it just wants to change your pants.

Feel slightly taller and slightly blonder at Acne Studios, the West Coast arrival of Stockholm’s denim specialist that just so happens to be the largest Acne store on earth, now open in Downtown’s Eastern Columbia Building.

It’s a twisted metal maze of perforated steel cabinets hung with shirts, coats and knits over a pink floor with painted pebbles. You’ll wind your way through gold linen blazers and futuristic jackets with misplaced zippers that would probably kill it at Dolph Lundgren’s holiday party. Then pause to contemplate the giant mushroom. Then shrug. Then move on.

On to the nice, streamlined stuff you’re more likely to actually wear—like the famous snug black jeans, handmade Italian leather boots and slim merino wool cardigans that’ll get you through a Peter Bjorn and John show at the Wiltern. Or, you know, pizza and beer.

Of course, you could just skip the clothes entirely and head to the long bar on the right side of the showroom for coffee—the first US location of Sweden’s favorite coffee shop, Il Caffé, is here.

Doesn’t serve meatballs.


Acne Studios
855 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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