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A Massive New Gun Range in Frisco

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Today we’re going on a mini road trip.

You bring the snacks.

We’ll bring the shotgun shells.

Look down the sights for the Frisco Gun Club, just the biggest gun shop/gun range/gun restaurant hybrid you’ve ever seen, now open in Frisco for your amusement.

Such a thing can create questions. So here’s what you need to know.

It’s 43,000 square feet of Second Amendment rights.
Inside, you’ve got 36 25-yard pistol lanes and four 100-yard rifle lanes to practice your marksmanship. Plus a massive retail shop in case you’re more into browsing than shooting.

You may have noticed the guns.
All kinds, all over the place. Fancy handguns in glass cases. Automatic weapons on the wall. There’s even a replica of Wyatt Earp’s Colt .45 Peacemaker on display that you can purchase if you’re a collector. Or someone who occasionally gets into duels.

Scott Romano is making you dinner.
But only if you’re a VIP member. See, membership has its perks. Like deals on range fees and 24/7 biometric access for late-night practice sessions. And yes, a private restaurant, with leather chairs, a stone fireplace, roasted ducks and dry-aged sirloins.

You knew there’d be red meat somewhere.


Frisco Gun Club
6565 Eldorado Pkwy
Frisco, TX, 75033


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