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Del Toro Does the Pop-Up Thing in SoBe

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So, there you are. Doing your holiday shopping thing.

That’s nice.

Except... look down. At your feet.

You’re going to have to cease all gifting endeavors until you get some velvet slippers on those.

Here to remedy that: Del Toro Miami Beach, a new pop-up artfully showcasing all the slippers, sunglasses and vintage shirts you’ll need in the foreseeable future, now open through March 2014 in South Beach.

Yep, Del Toro’s ventured over to the Beach... for now. See, it’s one of those temporary pop-up deals. Complete with marble columns, blue piping and synthetic grass all over the place.

Just head over to Collins and look for the moped parked out front (there’s an address, too, by the way). Then, open the doors...

And get busy perusing. Camo drivers. Vintage button-downs and watches. Also: weekenders and dopp kits for all of that holiday gallivanting you’re about to embark on.

Oh, and the pop-up’s featuring a limited-edition collection made in collaboration with Italia Independent’s Lapo Elkann (he’s also inheriting a little thing called Fiat). There you’ll find stuff like shoes made with navy velvet and cobalt suede.

Hey, if they were good enough for Elvis...


Del Toro Miami Beach
2000 Collins Ave, Ste 3
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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