Yacht Through the Heart

A Superyacht That Thinks It’s a Hotel

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Repeat after us: “This is not a yacht.”

Nope, it’s definitely something much better...

Put the anchor down for Sunborn Gibraltar, a 465-foot-long superyacht/hotel/floating testament to the superiority of mankind, taking reservation requests now.

All right, technically this is a yacht. But it’s not. See, real yachts venture into the high seas. Not this one. This one just sits there, flaunting its 189 rooms, six sundecks, cocktail lounge and massive hot tub all over the lesser vessels in the marina. Yeah... kind of showy. But you’re not one to turn down a yacht’s hospitality, so...

You’ll find it harbored in Gibraltar, that tiny British colony tucked into a three-mile-long, thousand-foot-high piece of rock off the southern coast of Spain (can’t miss it). Also, it’s the only spot in Europe that’s home to monkeys, so... watch your back. And your crumpets.

Oh—about your room. It’s great. It’s got a terrace with a view of Morocco’s mountains across the water. And if you book the Superyacht Penthouse Suite, you’ll have your own private sundeck with a hot tub.

And the chance to say, “I’m in the Superyacht Penthouse Suite.”

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