Things to do for December 12, 2013

The Weekender

Champagne, $75 Burgers and an LES Date Spot

The forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of heavy weekend.

You, Sabering Champagne at a Bar

You, Sabering Champagne at a Bar

Long Island City: it’s like the Wild West out there. Or... musketeer-era France. Or something. Anyway, this intrepid new wine bar there’s letting you saber your own champagne (after a quick lesson). It should be very satisfying. Just don’t tell their insurance company.

Available now at The Baroness, 41-26 Crescent St (between Queens Plaza N  and 41st Ave), Long Island City, 718-784-5065

Umami’s Gone Insane

Umami’s Gone Insane

We’ve got a little standardized test for you. Please, keep your eyes on your own email...
1. Umami’s insanely rich new burger includes which of the following:
a) Wagyu beef
b) white truffles
c) foie gras
d) a port wine reduction
e) all of the above

... Come on, you know this.

Available now, $75, The MNO Burger at Umami Burger, 432 6th Ave (between 9th and 10th), 212-677-8626

Miansai’s Got a Store Now

Miansai’s Got a Store Now

Miansai’s now got a SoHo place to call home for its handsome anchor bracelets, leather belts and increasingly excellent watches. Which is great, because you’ve been enforcing a strict “one for you, one for me” gifting policy this year.

Now open, Miansai, 33 Crosby St (between Grand and Broome), 212-858-9710

Scarf and Glove Nirvana

Scarf and Glove Nirvana

Here’s a list of things the weather is not right now:
... Thus concludes the list. So we want you to have the finest Italian houndstooth-silk-and-lambskin gloves and funky-patterned merino scarves available. Hence this Orley sale, where you’ll get those for not much. The best way to get those. 

Dec 13-15, 11am-7pm, Orley Sample Sale, 648 Broadway, Ste 1003 (between Bleecker and Bond)

Kind of a Perfect LES Date Spot

Kind of a Perfect LES Date Spot

Here’s the story of Thelma—it used to be Salt Bar. Then the chef wanted to put in a marble bar and some warm wood floors, do some bourbon-curry-cider cocktails and feed you and a date honey-glazed bacon-wrapped dates and housemade cheese. Hope that’s cool with you.

Opens Dec 17, Thelma on Clinton, 29A Clinton St (between Stanton and Houston), 212-979-8471, see the menu and the slideshow

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