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Gift-Worthy Books in Highland Park Village

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If you read one thing this year...

Let it be this story about a bunch of other things you should read this year.

Turn the page to Chapter Two, a miniature white-shelved bookstore peddling fine reading/gifting material from the likes of Rizzoli and Taschen, now open in Highland Park Village.

So... you’re wondering how you might use this:

For Last-Minute Holiday Gifts
It’s possible, maybe even probable, that you’ve still got a few giftless people on your gift list. Hopefully they’re the type who enjoys reading about scantily clad models (or fully clad Kennedys). Then you’re in good shape.

For Sprucing Up Your Coffee Table
Say your coffee table needs a nice accent. Something in the large-picture-book category. No problem. That’s kind of their thing here. Think oversize architecture books or the complete photo history of the Colt single-action revolver. That’ll start a few conversations.

For Accompanying Your Latte
This place is connected to Number One with a pass-through right into the coffee shop. And since you’re going to be drinking a latte anyway, might as well sit down with a book on French pastries while you’re at it.

The pages aren’t for dunking.


Chapter Two
2 Highland Park Village
Dallas, TX, 75205


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