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So you step into The Armoury NYC, an unimaginably handsome new spot for made-to-measure and bespoke suits and nattiness by way of Hong Kong, and everything goes to color. You realize... this is what you were meant to be wearing all this time.

And this is what you should expect going in:

—Several times a year, a man from Florence named Antonio Liverano, with 60 years of tailoring experience under his no doubt impeccably crafted belt, will come to measure you for bespoke suiting. You’ll be taken to their soon-to-be-completed basement clubhouse, plied with fine coffees and spoken to in a Florentine accent.

—About 15 solid feet of tie racks from Drake’s London and some cashmere knit jobs by Sorley.

—An umbrella from Fox with a silver bulldog handle.

—Shelves full of John Smedley sweaters. (In case you hadn’t noticed, ’tis the season.)

—Bespoke tweed pants from Salvatore Ambrosi, who’ll be in from Naples doing measurements personally this Friday and Saturday. Your list of new Italian friends is growing rapidly.

—Saint Crispin’s shoes: they’re entirely handmade, and look like they were here on the earth before humanity, just waiting to be properly appreciated. Even the shoe trees are custom-made—it takes ’em about eight hours to put them together.

Don’t even ask about the laces.


The Armoury NYC
168 Duane St
(near Hudson)
New York, NY, 10013


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