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Three Things to Know About Right Proper

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It snowed yesterday. People got excited.

Not you. You stay on an even keel. Unless we tell you about a new brewpub. Then you freak out. So hold yourself down. It’s called Right Proper Brewing Company, and it opens tomorrow next to the Howard Theatre. Here’s a few things to know before you go...

There are chipmunks. And they have missiles. Well, on the chalk mural, anyway—basically a scene of woodland creatures at war with one another. We know, weird. Anyway, you’ll see a few other graffiti-esque murals, but mostly it’s an industrial, brick-and-concrete place with a couple nice-size bars.

From the back bar, you can look right into the brewing operation. So sit there, and start sampling the six house brews, a quirky, ever-changing bunch that owes a bit to Belgian styles. Like a farmhouse wheat called Ornette and a golden strong called The Duke. They’ll also be aging a beer in Green Hat gin barrels, which lets them pour you a beer and a shot both from those barrels.

You can expect the chef’s take on “1950s white-trash food.” Which means lamb French dips, pork rinds with pimiento cheese, pickle-brined chicken and green-chili spoonbread.

Also known as “really delicious food.”


Right Proper Brewing Company
624 T St NW
Washington, DC 20001


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