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Australia’s Handsomest New Hotel

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Some things are so nice, they named them twice.

New York, New York.

Duran Duran.


You probably see where this is going...

Say g’day to Hotel Hotel, a sleek new place to rest your head in Australia, taking reservations now.

If you know anything about Australia, you know Canberra is its capital. And if you know anything about Canberra, you... had one hell of a geography teacher. Also, you know it could use a spot with 68 cozily futuristic rooms, an outdoor cinema, an indoor cinema, some restaurants, a bike shop, a bakery and a bar hidden below the bakery. Good thing this place showed up.

So next time the Australian prime minister requests an audience (or you’re road-tripping from Sydney to Melbourne), spend a night or two here. Set the zero-sunlight auto-blinds, wake up at noon and greet the wild rolling hills out your window. Check the minibar, stocked with strictly Australian booze. Hang with the live-in artists scattered throughout the rooms here. Or just order a banana split from room service and watch Australian cable. Up to you.

Also, if you really like this place, they’ve got six long-term apartments for rent, all of which have the same amenities as the hotel.

Hope you don’t get sick of pillow mints.


Hotel Hotel
at NewActon Nishi
25 Edinburgh Ave
Canberra ACT 2601
+61 2 6287 6287
official website


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