Mud Hen Tavern

There Will Be Mud

Burgers, Short Ribs and Other Susan Feniger–ness

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You’re at the corner of Melrose and Highland.

The fulcrum of LA’s culinary brilliance.

There’s Trois Mec. Mozza. Hatfield’s.

And you’re really just kind of in the mood for a burger and a beer...

Don’t fight Mud Hen Tavern, Susan Feniger’s laid-back new pub with the perfect beer-to-patio ratio, opening Saturday in Hollywood.

You’ll find this in the old Street spot, but forget all about that, except for the big patio and that famous hangover-vaporizer, the Kaya Toast. Those are still here. Good. But now you’re in an ambling spread of eggplant-colored booths, wood-slat walls, strung-up lights and chicken wire. Kind of a Hollywood-style Hee Haw situation.

So when you’re not doing a 20-course special-occasion thing, you just want to relax in a barn with somebody who wears the hell out of some jeans and you wouldn’t say no to a drink that references Breaking Bad, well, you bring the date. They’ll put the mezcal and passion fruit into the Chili P, Yo.

Won’t be long before your cheeseburger cravings need to be addressed, along with a cold pint of North Coast PranQster. Unless you’re having a maple-whiskey-glazed-short-rib craving or a bacon-pizza craving or a... salad craving.

There’s fried chicken on top.

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