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An Airy, Tipsy Cove of Pork Shoulder and Ice Cream

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Finally, smoked-chipotle stout beer, slow-roasted pork shoulder and ice cream, lots of ice cream, not far from Twitter HQ. No hashtags here.

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It’s a smooth, modern new restaurant from the Coi crew, it’s here for business lunches, dinner dates and any pressing occasion requiring bourbon—and it opens tomorrow.

If you’re meeting tech types to talk shop over lunch, this place will work whether they’re in ties or hoodies. Just grab a table beyond that towering, triangular bar that anchors the room, and get done what you need to get done over pastrami sandwiches and maybe a confit chicken leg or two.

Then the sun moves across the sky. Thoughts turn from IPOs to dates with attractive people who just made a bunch of money from IPOs, and everybody comes back. Suddenly you’re in a low-lit date spot, starting at that bar with a couple unusual beers or Mr. Eds (bourbon, mint, clove and black-walnut bitters), then pork. A burger. Gently smoked trout. And ice cream. It’s a big deal here. They’ll always have two combinable flavors, and that’s the only dessert available.

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