’Sare, Wrong Number

Sake Martinis and Sea Urchin Fettuccine

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Well, that happened.

Before the holiday weekend was over, you ensured that the turducken burrito became a reality.

And now, well, let’s just say you’re good on turkey for a while.

Now is the time for Iyasare, a Japanese den of nigiri sushi and sake martinis that’s the perfect post-Thanksgiving comedown—it just opened in Berkeley.

What this place is: a slick, modern white room focusing on simple seafood. Sit at the bar if you’re on the kind of date that might require a little engagement to keep things moving, or head out to the heated patio on the kind of date that... doesn’t.

Just know that the chef’s from Yoshi’s, so you could do the DIY thing with a hibachi grill at your table—but then you’d be missing out on the nigiri sushi, the sea urchin fettuccine and the beet-cured ocean trout. Unless there’s something we don’t know about your hibachi skills.

So, really, do this. Sit back, order a sake martini, chat a little, don’t make any commitments to your waiter about what you’re doing next. And then just shrug, hand the menus back as if even that requires almost too much effort and say one simple, beautiful word: “Omakase.”

And they’ll say one beautiful word back: “Okay.”

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