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Sweaters. Blazers. Ties. Beer. This Place.

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Black Friday: history.

Small Business Saturday: history.

Cyber Monday: almost history.

Which means it’s time to introduce you to... tomorrow.

It doesn’t have a catchy name, but it does have this:

Chrome Yellow Trading Co., a new shop with an old-school vibe and enough vintage ties and baseball sweaters to make sure your winter is way more dashing than everyone else’s, now soft-open (but... closed on Mondays) in Buckhead.

There’s a real ’70s-Redford-meets-Sam-Malone’s-first-apartment vibe happening here. Old lockers covered in Scrabble magnets. Vintage ties hanging on ladder rungs. Billy Joel, John Denver and Toto eight-tracks up on the shelves. Noticeably absent: beer.

Kidding. There’s beer. Just walk in and ask someone to put one in your hand. Say hi to the husband-and-wife owners if they’re around (they travel the globe handpicking their wares).

Then get to the part where you try on wool hunting blazers and gingham ties. Run around and check out all the vintage belt buckles and fedoras and other things that totally look like they belong in this place.

Oh, and if you’re free Saturday night, swing by their opening party for gratis Terrapins, ping-pong and a few mini shoots in the photo booth.

Or one really exhaustive one.


Chrome Yellow Trading Co.
3096 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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