Things to do for November 29, 2013

The Weekender

Clark Griswold, Bourbon and Your Extra-Long Weekend

There’s always room for the weekend.

CD Source Turns 20

CD Source Turns 20

Pretty big milestone for CD Source today. The big two-oh. To mark the occasion, they’re opening their doors early, having a bunch of live bands perform and marking down a couple hundred albums to prices you’d classify as “dirt cheap.” Actually... maybe that last one is a Black Friday thing.

Nov 29, CD Source, 5500 Greenville Ave #201, 214-890-7614

Nothing You Need to Chew

Nothing You Need to Chew

In case you require a break from solid food for the next few days, there’s this: a new Roots Juices in Highland Park. Try the Hangover Recovery cleanse. It’s five days’ worth of hydraulic cold-pressed juices designed to rid your body of toxins. We assume that includes tryptophan.

National Lampoon’s on the Lawn

<em>National Lampoon’s</em> on the Lawn

So long, Thanksgiving. Hello, that-time-of-year-when-it’s-appropriate-to-screen-National-Lampoon’s-Christmas-Vacation-on-the-lawn-at-Main-Street-Garden. Yup, ’tis that season.

Goodfriend Honors the Mustache

Goodfriend Honors the Mustache

And so concludes another Movember. If you decided to participate this year, you’ll want to take your cookie duster to Goodfriend on Saturday. They’re having a big Best ’Stache contest. Also, live music and a bunch of local beer specials. No mustache required to take advantage of those.

Acme Tries Their Hand at Brunch

Acme Tries Their Hand at Brunch

You know brunch. It’s that thing you never stop loving, ever. Well, here’s a new brunch. This one comes from Acme Social Club and it features things like pancakes topped with drunken-raisin butter, warm jelly donuts and housemade maple-cinnamon-and-sweet-potato-infused bourbon. Oh, you’ll wake up for that.

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