Things to do for November 29, 2013

The Weekender

Ansel’s Holidays, Secret Ramen and the Naked Nutcracker

The weekend’s the real article. What you see is what you get.

An Indian Cocktail Bar. Yep.

An Indian Cocktail Bar. Yep.

Maybe you don’t know how a colonial-British-Indian cocktail place works. Because... one didn’t exist before this UES boîte. So let us educate you: there are punch bowls full of a weekly changing booze concoction, a working gramophone and large helpings of goan pork vindaloo. Consider yourself informed.

Great Pants.

Great Pants.

If you want pants—handsome ones—you look to the pantsmasters at Left Field. If you want a rakish, don’t-give-a-damn thermal henley, you look to the henleymasters at Choctaw Ridge. And if you want both, you grab an appointment at their new joint shop in Queens. Gotta want it, though.

Taking appointments now, Left Field NYC, 753 Onderdonk Ave, Ridgewood, 718-366-7308

Smorgasburg, Now Indoors

Smorgasburg, Now Indoors

So they’ve set up an all-weather version of Smorgasburg inside a ginormous new space. It’s got a meat pop-up from Pat LaFrieda, lobster BLTs from Red Hook Lobster Pound and... lots of vintage sunglasses and original leather stuff. And it’s what you might call a two-birds, one-stone situation.

The Nutcracker, with Less Clothing

<em>The Nutcracker</em>, with Less Clothing

The Nutcracker. Seeing it is one of the great holiday traditions. You know it well—the moving dance pieces. The haunting music. The... tassels. Or maybe that’s just this burlesque version. Yeah, it’s probably just this version that’s got that last one.

Dominique Ansel’s Holiday Big Guns

Dominique Ansel’s Holiday Big Guns

Your Uncle Dominique Ansel has some holiday gifts for you this week: 1. Bricks of chocolate-peppermint brittle with a ball-peen hammer molded into them, for smashing. 2. Christmas trees made of s’mores. 3 Milk cartons full of caramelized chocolate cereal with smoked-cinnamon breakfast mallows. Balanced breakfast, indeed.

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