Things to do for November 21, 2013

The Weekender

Power Lunch, the Beatles and Officer’s Coats

Elementary, my dear weekend.

Butter, Now in Midtown

Butter, Now in Midtown

Dear Midtown: We’ve got to admit. You’re getting more appealing. Putting a new Butter up there—sneaky. And adding veal bacon to Butter’s repertoire was a stroke of genius. Is this wild-boar-with-grits dish serious? Okay, you win. We’re intrigued... you crafty bastard.

Perfect Winter Jacketry in MPD

Perfect Winter Jacketry in MPD

That distinct lack of warmth you’re feeling—it’s not going away anytime soon. Here to help: this temporary version of Williamsburg handsomeness authority Cadet, replete with Great Escape–worthy shawl-collar coats and cashmere duffles. They laugh in the general direction of winter.

Through Dec 31, Cadet Pop-Up, 69 8th Ave (between 13th and 14th), 917-722-2390

M. Wells Unchained

M. Wells Unchained

Scallop pot pie, mussels on a stick and tenderloin for two. This has been a list of “things it would take to make you go to Queens.” And... consider it done. M. Wells is now a full-on French-Canadian dinner operation and steakhouse in LIC. And yes, you read that right: mussels on a stick.

Taking reservations now, M. Wells Steakhouse, 43-15 Crescent St (between 43rd and 44th), Long Island City, 718-696-7863

Betony’s New Power Lunch

Betony’s New Power Lunch

Your power lunch itinerary from now on:
12:30 – Go to Betony.
12:45 – Discuss deals/mergers/Knicks futility over a clarified milk punch.
12:50 – Order roasted chicken.
1:15 – Eat said chicken.
1:45 – Say the words “Well, I’d better get back to the office.”
1:46 – Continue to be seated, rethink prior decision over second milk punch.

Mon-Fri, noon-2pm, Betony, 41 W 57th St (between 5th and 6th), 212-465-2400

The Gift of Rock Photography

The Gift of Rock Photography

It’s about that time when you start the annual journey of looking for trinkets for others. Our recommendation: any of the work from this Rock Paper Photo pop-up. Which includes Beatles snaps from the Help! set and mid-’80s Madonna shots. Which “others” should really love.

Through Dec 24, Exposure Holiday Pop-Up at Gallery 151, 132 W 18th St (between 6th and 7th)

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