Things to do for November 21, 2013

The Weekender

Power Lunch, the Beatles and Officer’s Coats

Elementary, my dear weekend.

UD - Butter, Now in Midtown

Butter, Now in Midtown

Dear Midtown: We’ve got to admit. You’re getting more appealing. Putting a new Butter up there—sneaky. And adding veal bacon to Butter’s repertoire was a stroke of genius. Is this wild-boar-with-grits dish serious? Okay, you win. We’re intrigued... you crafty bastard.

UD - Perfect Winter Jacketry in MPD

Perfect Winter Jacketry in MPD

That distinct lack of warmth you’re feeling—it’s not going away anytime soon. Here to help: this temporary version of Williamsburg handsomeness authority Cadet, replete with Great Escape–worthy shawl-collar coats and cashmere duffles. They laugh in the general direction of winter.

Through Dec 31, Cadet Pop-Up, 69 8th Ave (between 13th and 14th), 917-722-2390

UD - M. Wells Unchained

M. Wells Unchained

Scallop pot pie, mussels on a stick and tenderloin for two. This has been a list of “things it would take to make you go to Queens.” And... consider it done. M. Wells is now a full-on French-Canadian dinner operation and steakhouse in LIC. And yes, you read that right: mussels on a stick.

Taking reservations now, M. Wells Steakhouse, 43-15 Crescent St (between 43rd and 44th), Long Island City, 718-696-7863

UD - Betony’s New Power Lunch

Betony’s New Power Lunch

Your power lunch itinerary from now on:
12:30 – Go to Betony.
12:45 – Discuss deals/mergers/Knicks futility over a clarified milk punch.
12:50 – Order roasted chicken.
1:15 – Eat said chicken.
1:45 – Say the words “Well, I’d better get back to the office.”
1:46 – Continue to be seated, rethink prior decision over second milk punch.

Mon-Fri, noon-2pm, Betony, 41 W 57th St (between 5th and 6th), 212-465-2400

UD - The Gift of Rock Photography

The Gift of Rock Photography

It’s about that time when you start the annual journey of looking for trinkets for others. Our recommendation: any of the work from this Rock Paper Photo pop-up. Which includes Beatles snaps from the Help! set and mid-’80s Madonna shots. Which “others” should really love.

Through Dec 24, Exposure Holiday Pop-Up at Gallery 151, 132 W 18th St (between 6th and 7th)

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