The Penrose Is Mightier

A Fire-Fueled Bar and Grill in Oakland

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Sure, the guy who invented fire helped us all out a little.

But it was the guy who first put some ribeye over fire who really started making things happen.

Rub your hands together for Penrose, the new everything-fire-grilled tavern from the man behind Pizzaiolo and Boot and Shoe Service, opening Friday on Grand.

If those words, Boot and Shoe Service, just made you crave pizza—congratulations, you live in the Bay Area and have a pulse. This place is just across the street, but there’s no pizza this time. Just lots of drinks, endless swaths of exposed brick and beam... and a hungry flame waiting impatiently to warm all manner of bone-in ribeyes, lamb kebabs, avocado flatbreads and, sure, brussels sprouts.

Why you’re here: brussels sprouts. Just kidding. Why you’re here: tequila date. Beer date. Or a beer... hang-out-with-friends-you-haven’t-seen-in-a-while... thing. It’s the kind of place where you settle into your allotted percentage of communal table, get to talking, have a few rounds of double IPAs and eventually realize there’s a delicious-smelling fire thing happening that deserves an iota of your respect.

Maybe even a modicum.


3311 Grand Ave
(at Elwood)
Oakland, CA, 94610


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