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Coffee-Infused Scotch and BBQ Duck Confit

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Coffee versus tea.

Really divides people into two camps: incredibly right and incredibly wrong.

But let’s just dump them both into some alcohol and get on with it.

That’s a thing that happens at The Wallace, a charming new after-dark spot that never met some coffee that couldn’t use some scotch, opening next Saturday on Main Street.

Step inside, and it’s like you got invited to a dinner party at some graphic designer’s condo—it’s a bright space littered with pictures of bikes and bottles, under a stripped ceiling speckled with glowing bulbs.

Start your dinner date—right: you’re probably here on a dinner date—at the brushed-steel bar, summoning impressive creations like Earl Grey gin with pistachio foam and coffee-infused scotch with cognac and chocolate-chili bitters. And then you’ll... continue doing that. No need to rush this part. Clearly.

But eventually, you’ll make your way past the communal tables to a two-top next to the open kitchen. If your date shuns the charred lamb leg, barbecue duck confit and salmon belly, it’s fine—there’s plenty of braised white-bean sofrito and roasted cumin-honey carrots.

No need to rush the cumin-honey carrot part either, really.

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