Stached Away

A Hidden 1920s Saloon in Fort Lauderdale

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There’s this game. It’s called hide-and-seek.

The rules are easy. Someone hides a two-story bar filled with bourbon and you’re tasked with finding it.

Yeah... sounds a bit off to us, too.

Anyway. Bourbon.

Count to three and look out for Stache, an old-timey parlor dedicated to cocktails and the fine art of discreet tippling, now open in Fort Lauderdale.

Finally. This is the place Fort Lauderdale’s been waiting for. Because, no offense to Broward or anything, but... these are serious cocktails. And for that, you have one of Miami’s best barkeeps to thank (hat tip, John Lermayer).

To find the place, look for Himmie Health Club. Relax. No one’s signing you up for Zumba here. Instead, you’ll find a 1920s-style living room with two bars. Pick one and order a WGA Sour (amaretto, 100-proof bourbon, lemon and egg white). Then, settle in by the fireplace for a spell. Or, you know, until your glass is empty.

Because for your next cocktail, you’ll head upstairs. Yes, there’s a pool table there, but focus your attention on the drinking library. Great spot for a discreet conversation amongst crystal chandeliers and shelves lined with encyclopedias, vintage typewriters and skulls.

You... probably won’t have what he’s having.


109 SW 2nd Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312


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