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Renting Out Rihanna’s House

None 7 Photos Rihanna’s LA Mansion
Are you responsible...

Is your credit good...

Do you own a dog that doesn’t shed a lot...

Great. Rihanna wants you to sleep over.

Here are the keys to Rihanna’s LA Mansion, an 11,000-square-foot California estate that the Barbadian singer calls home... when she’s not renting it out to you, available now.

So, Rihanna’s house. Here’s what one might do when living in Rihanna’s house.

Take advantage of all the space.
You’ve got seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a backyard big enough for concerts. Or lawn darts. Bet there’s been a lot of lawn darts played out here.

Host a barbecue.
This place comes equipped with a pair of grills: one by the zero-edge infinity pool and one on the roof deck. Also, that’s where the fire pit is. Which we guess technically counts as a grill, too.

You know, just hang and stuff.
There’s a private theater (where you can watch Battleship). And an in-house game room (where you can play Battleship). And Rihanna’s fireside jacuzzi tub...

So in conclusion: Rihannas doing all right.

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