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An East Coast–Style Sub Shop near AT&T Park

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You’ve got your meatball-sub days.

You’ve got your roasted-pork-and-rapini-sub days.

And occasionally, just occasionally, you might stride boldly to a counter, point at a menu on a wall and say, “Yes. That. One Widowmaker sub, please...”

Pull open a sesame roll for Merigan Sub Shop, an East Coast–style place that’s really into butchering meat and putting it on bread, opening tomorrow just down the street from AT&T Park.

What with the location and the beer and wine on tap, you’re probably already envisioning this as the spot you’ll hit before a Giants game. Way to think ahead. Always important in matters of the sandwich.

But in the meantime, you’ve got some exploring to do. It looks like the break room at an industrial sandwich factory, with concrete floors and columns, exposed pipes overhead, beat-up old German chairs and... sandwiches. Six-inchers. Twelve-inchers. Hot subs. Cold subs. Eggplant-parm subs. Subs covered with roasted and braised pork, sharp provolone, rapini and pickled peppers.

And as for that Widowmaker, it’s a cold 12-incher with a light sprinkling of shredded lettuce. That’s it, really, except for the roast beef and mortadella and salami and prosciutto cotto and turkey and provolone and pickled onions and pickled peppers.

All due respect to tofu.


Merigan Sub Shop
636 2nd St
(at Brannan)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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