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Rare Handsomeness in Greenwich Village

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Just look at that calendar.

It’s almost buying-stuff-for-other-people season.

Which means one important thing: you need to take care of number one while there’s still time...

Where to do just that: Mirador, a spartan house of elusive handsomeness in Greenwich Village, open right this second.

Behind the potted palms and racks of vests here is a woman named Aurora, who originally set out to open a photo gallery. Fortunately for all of us, her goals evolved. Because now you get to check all this stuff off your list:

Unspeakably cool Aztec-print Rocky Mountain Featherbed vests (by way of Japan) of shearling and leather and goose down.

Some rare jackets and canvas backpacks from the surf-and-hike enthusiasts at Battenwear.

Well-enforced foot coverings (or “boots,” as they say in the business) from the Maine-based boot gods of Yuketen.

Guatemalan alpaca scarves (which just sound warm).

—From way out in left field, jeans from... Left Field.

Who you’ll channel with all this: yourself, in the best possible way.

When you’ll need it: ...

Need is such a strong word.


1 MacDougal Alley
(at MacDougal St)
New York, NY, 10011


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