The Greatest Bike Ride Ever

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Today, we’re going to teach you how to ride a bike.

Oh. You already know how to ride a bike. Huh.

Guess we’ll skip that whole bit about the balancing and pedaling and get right to the part about the hotel suites and masseuses.

Loosen up for Rapha Travel, a series of epic cycling excursions that are rolling through some of the most jaw-dropping places on earth, taking reservations now for 2014.

This is a vacation... as organized by the guys who outfitted this year’s Tour de France winner. Which means it’s going to involve somewhere scenic—like Big Sur or the Alps (shown above)—a serious pro-grade cycle, some serious pro-grade bike shorts and you. Also, all of the five-star hotels, candlelight dinners and deep-tissue massages you require. Because, you know, this is a vacation.

The thing to do now: head to their website and choose an itinerary. Maybe the one down the PCH. Maybe the one on the 400-acre estate in France. Maybe the... okay, probably not the 10-day, all-uphill endurance trek.

Then, after the new year, just show up ready to ride. They’ll supply everything else. Like the nutritionist, bike mechanic and on-call masseuse.

So less packing for you.

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