Scopa Italian Roots

Roots on the Ground

An Amaro-Fueled Italian Affair by the Sea

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You’ve had daiquiris at La Descarga.

And highballs at Harvard & Stone.

And each time you couldn’t help thinking... these drinks would really taste better with some pork-shank pappardelle and a hint of sea air.

Wish granted at Scopa Italian Roots, an authentic ode to Nonna’s cooking—with some welcome non-nonnas from those bars handling your drinks—opening Thursday near the shore.

It’s a striking, high-ceilinged hall buttressed by red brick, wood-slat benches and white tile, speckled in antique liquor crates and distressed mirrors. If you show up with an agent, he’d probably promise it a role as a Boardwalk Empire bank.

But really, this looks a whole lot like your new Westside go-to when you’re with a date who’s in the mood for Hawaiian white-ginger gin Negronis at an eternally long bar. And for good conversation, of course. (But probably more the white-ginger gin.)

Then you’ll duck into a tufted-leather booth for veal chop Milanese and pork-shank pappardelle from Antonia (Top Chef) Lofaso. And... that’s it. This is the kind of place where pappardelle and gin in a booth could keep you occupied until 2am.

As pappardelle and gin so often can.

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