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A Tube-Like Hotel on Europe’s Highest Peak

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You’ve woken up in a lot of places.

Beds. Couches. Hammocks. Floors. Sleeping bags. Beanbag chairs. Biplane cockpits. Kangaroo pouches. Cocoons like the ones from Cocoon.

And, well... now you can add “tubes sitting 13,000 feet in the air” to that list.

Reach elevation at LeapRus, four gigantic tubes disguised as a hotel planted firmly at the top of the tallest mountain in Europe.

It’s taking reservations now in Russia’s Caucasus Mountains, and here’s what you need to know before making the ascent:

They’re really shaped like cylinders.
With a big porthole at each end and floor-to-ceiling windows with mind-boggling views of the peaks around you. Fine, they look like telescopes for giants.

It’s... pretty basic.
Bunk beds. Shared bathrooms. Fourteen-person rooms. That’s what you’ll find here. Still. Tubes.

But also, pretty damn futuristic.
They’re full of technological wonders like LED lights, satellite-controlled energy systems and floors heated by solar power.

Turns out, helicopters are essential.
The hotel itself was lifted up the mountain by helicopter. And you can be, too. That, or via a nine-day hike. So... helicopter.

If you’re skiing, ski with the locals.
Should you need them, there’ll be a group of Russian mountaineers there to help you ski the backcountry terrain.

Pretty sure they’ll all have beards.


via North-Caucasian Mountain Club
Mt. Elbrus
Kabardino-Balkar Republic
+7 800 777 56 42
official website


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