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Poutine, Bourbon and Just 25 Burgers per Night

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Tonight, some places will give out apples and tiny Baby Ruths.

And some will give out blood-pudding poutine and bourbon from Commis’s Michelin-starred chef.

Dress up as yourself for Box and Bells Eating House, a rustic tavern dripping with dark liquor and French-soupy burgers to get you through cold, rainy nights (and... other nights), now open.

If you’re just in the mood for a light salad and spring water... who have you become. It’s like we don’t know you anymore. This is where you’ll come when—for whatever reason, for no reason—all you want is to sit under some steel beams and plants for mountains of French-ish meats and rivers of bracing drink.

Côte du boeuf with snails. Poutine with blood-pudding gravy. Burgers on pretzel buns with so much cheese and caramelized onion, they’re basically like burgers with French onion soup on top. That’s the kind of stuff you’ll see before you. And FYI, they’ll only make 25 of those burgers nightly.

But there’s no end to the Bells’ Sours (made with bourbon, maraschino and lemon), the Mister Manhattan Cocktails (gin, lemon, orange and mint) and the Fourth Regiments (whiskey, vermouth, triple sec, celery).

Well, everything ends, really.

But that’s kind of a downer ending.

So let’s just say there’s no end.


Box and Bells
5912 College Ave
(at Chabot)
Oakland, CA, 94618


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