Things to do for October 31, 2013

The Weekender

Rooftop Cocktails, Psycho and The Price Is Right

Happy Halloweekend.

You Can See Your House from This Party

You Can See Your House from This Party

In case you need some last-minute Halloween plans... here: some last-minute Halloween plans. The NYLO’s throwing a little party on their roof. One with appetizers, cocktails, poolside dancing and a costume contest. We’re thinking something waterproof.

An Outdoor Psycho Screening

An Outdoor <em>Psycho</em> Screening

Maybe you want something a bit more low-key tonight. Maybe you want the Angelika. They’ll be screening Psycho on the patio. So grab a beer from the inside bar, then throw down a blanket outside and enjoy the show. Your date thanks you in advance.

Elotes and Tacos and Day of the Dead

Elotes and Tacos and Day of the Dead

On Saturday, Le Ventana is throwing a little fiesta for Día de los Muertos. Or as it’s better known, Day of the Muertos. You can expect lots of painted faces, margaritas, elotes and street tacos. Plus a ceremonial altar for placing offerings. No, not your tacos.

The Price Is Right. In Dallas.

<em>The Price Is Right</em>. In Dallas.

Turns out, The Price Is Right isn’t just reruns of Bob Barker and Plinko. There’s a live touring version. Hosted by Jerry Springer. Which... seems like something worth investigating for a) train-wreck potential and b) possibly winning a new fridge. Better start practicing your excited face.

Eggs. Bacon. Capes. Masks. Asador.

Eggs. Bacon. Capes. Masks. Asador.

This Sunday, brunch may involve tights and a cape. (Still with us?) Because Asador is hosting a superhero-themed feast with items like Quiche Bruce LorWayne and Eggs-Bane-dict. You hate brunch puns almost as much as you love brunch.

Nov 3, 11am-3pm, Asador, 2222 Stemmons Fwy, reserve at 214-267-4815

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