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A Casually Elegant Bar, That’s All. And That’s Enough.

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There’s always that moment:

Two empty drinks on the bar. You look at your date. Your date looks at you.

This could be the end of the night. This could be the time to relocate for gravy fries. Or this could be the time you smile and casually wave over another round.

Turns out, the time for gravy fries is... not yet.

Hold the door open for Trocadero Club, a European-style watering hole that doesn’t make a big deal about its inherent seductiveness, opening tonight.

Here it is: that place you’ll go when you just want to be among stucco and mahogany and wispy curtains fluttering in the darkness while you murmur to somebody special—except never actually say “murmur,” because it’s kind of a creepy word for some reason.

It’s from the Café Terminus guys, who must’ve gotten pretty bored since that place has been open for a whole two weeks, and they’re thinking about your long game here. There’s a short list of classic, unfussy drinks like Shanghai Gins (gin, yellow Chartreuse, Bénédictine, lemon) and Old Pals (bourbon, dry vermouth), good drinks you can ease into while focusing on the night’s more pressing priorities.

Like never referring to your date as “Old Pal.”


Trocadero Club
701 Geary St
(at Leavenworth)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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