Total Eclipse of the Hearth

Fire-Grilled Meats and Beer Negronis in SoMa

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Sitting around a crackling fire can be awfully primitive.

So primitive that when a nice person pulls some tantalizing grilled sirloin from the flame and brings it to you, it won’t even come with a beer Negroni.

Unless you ordered one.

Rub your hands together briskly for TBD, a great-outdoors-minded new spot that’s what a campfire would be if it were a pretty nice restaurant, opening next week in SoMa.

First and most importantly: yes, TBD is the name. The permanent name. Tomorrow it won’t suddenly be called “The Place That Looks Like a Campground,” or “Flo’s.” So now, please focus on the ram’s heads. You’ll be met with a gentle camping vibe amid all the sleekness, with oil lamps, wool blankets, a 1,200-pound eucalyptus trunk and, most importantly, that well-tended fire—so this is for when you’re on a date of the non-fancy variety, or with a bunch of friends. Of the non-fancy variety.

And most everything you’ll care about comes from the grill or the hearth—they’ll get you pork andouille and lamb belly and roasted duck cassoulet. Call a day ahead, and they’ll even do a whole roast duck, side of beef or rotisserie turkey. Any of which will fill in the gaps between your beer Negronis, beer Old Fashioneds and beer margaritas.

And beers.


1077 Mission St
(at 7th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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