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Tacos, Mezcal and Skulls on Polk

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A new pop-up taqueria by the name of Uno Dos Tacos is opening tomorrow on Polk. It’s from one of the Beretta and Pesce guys.

We recently sat down with it to ask it a few questions about life in Russian Hill, carne asada and what it means to be the new kid on the block.

UrbanDaddy: So, what’s new?
Uno Dos Tacos: Me [laughs].

UD: Ah, right. Rephrase: tell us a little bit about yourself.
UDT: Well, I’m in the old Pesce space. They didn’t do too much to me, really. Just kind of coiled some ropes around my columns, gave me some elevated tables and painted some Mexican skulls on my...

UD: Sorry, we’re going to stop you there. Is it true that you’ll only be open for lunch at first?
UDT: Right. But I’m opening for dinner soon. Bet you can’t wait for that. My chef is from Guadalajara, so I’ll have authentic tamales and carne asada and stuff. I’m Mexican, too.

UD: Right.
UDT: Right.

UD: Anyway, anything good behind your bar?
UDT: Totes.

UD: Never say that again. Also, can you be more specific?
UDT: Sure. Once dinner starts, mostly Mexican beer. Tequila and mezcal cocktails. Stuff like that.

UD: Then it’s settled, we’re bringing a date soon.
UDT: I’d like to see you try. I’m not letting you guys in.

UD: Why not?
UDT: I’m too casual for your date.

UD: You don’t even know our...
UDT: You sure about that?


Uno Dos Tacos
595 Market St
(at 2nd St)
San Francisco, CA, 94105


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