Things to do for October 24, 2013

The Weekender

Sushi, Samurais and Free Beer

The weekend giveth and the weekend taketh away.

The Glorious Return of Oishii

The Glorious Return of Oishii

Late last year when Oishii burned down, you were sad for many reasons. One of those reasons: an utter lack of crab-stuffed Oishii rolls in your life. But good news: it’s back. And so are the rolls. And the nigiri and sake and everything else, too. It’s a real comeback story.

Now open, Oishii, 2525 Wycliff Ave, Ste 110, 214-599-9448

A Couple New Spots for Lunch

A Couple New Spots for Lunch

Lunch is one of your favorite three meals of the day. Hands down. So you’ll be happy to know that Kitchen LTO and Savor are both serving it now. LTO’s got pan-seared salmon and lobster sandwiches. Savor’s got deviled eggs and bison burgers. Better make a day of it.

Mon-Fri, 11am-2:30pm, Kitchen LTO, 3011 Gulden Ln, Ste 108, 214-377-0757; daily, 11am-2pm, Savor, 2000 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, 214-306-5597

Beer, Putters, Birthday Party

Beer, Putters, Birthday Party

One year ago, Pebble + Pine opened, thus addressing your golf/menswear/wooden-growler-carrying-case one-stop shopping needs. Well, they’re having a party on Friday, so swing by if you like gratis beer, live music and putting greens. And consorting with others who share similar interests.

Oct 25, 7-9pm, Pebble + Pine, 408 N Bishop Ave, Ste 104, 214-942-4653

Samurais and Cocktails at Saint Ann

Samurais and Cocktails at Saint Ann

If you didn’t know, there’s a samurai museum above Saint Ann. And this Sunday, that museum requires your attention. Because they’re projecting a movie onto Saint Ann’s patio. It’s called Yojimbo. Which we believe translates to cocktails, snacks and sword fights.

Pumpkin Pie Margaritas. You Win.

Pumpkin Pie Margaritas. You Win.

Pumpkin pie: good. Margaritas: also good. So it stands to reason that pumpkin pie margaritas would be some kind of synergistic victory for your taste buds. Point is: Urban Taco is selling them next Monday through Thursday. Plan accordingly.

Oct 28-31, Urban Taco, 3411 McKinney Ave and 5331 E Mockingbird Ln, Ste 125

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