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There’s the bad kind. (Anything that involves you and the 405.)

And the good kind. (Anything that involves you and a procession of ham-toting food carts.)

Let’s talk about the ham kind.

Park yourself at The Church Key, a sexy Sunset restaurant that’s busy with all sorts of curious dim-sum-style carts, opening Thursday in West Hollywood.

Everything here is the result of a partnership between a couple folks from XIV, Hatfield’s and ink. That includes the old books, model ships and framed photos on the white brick walls. Also, that includes the fleet of rolling bar carts circling your table.

Right, about those carts. Some are carrying food—think shaved-to-order Benton ham and pig ear Cheetos. Some are carrying drinks—think special house-canned Negronis that you’ll open with a church key... Ah, you see what they did there.

You and your large group (yes, you’ll want to come here with a large group) should take turns flagging each cart down. Order a bunch. Share a bunch. And then supplement your small plates with a few things from the main menu. Things like tapioca tai snapper and Peking quail.

Duck is so early-2013.


The Church Key
8730 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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