Full Steam Ahead

A Stunning Spa Palace at the Joule

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Warning: you should only read this email if you...

... just won an epic battle against the SEC.

... threw for 317 yards and a touchdown against the Eagles yesterday.

... could really use a nice shoulder massage.

Well, looks like everyone’s still here. Let’s get to it then...

Say hello to Espa, a subterranean fortress of solitude (read: day spa) that’ll massage, steam and exfoliate you into a state of tranquil submission, now open at the Joule.

8,000 square feet. That’s what you’re working with here. A quiet relaxatorium filled with treatment rooms, crazy showers and a pool with strategically placed massage jets, should that interest you. (It does.)

Begin by exploring your surroundings. There’s the schvitz-ready sauna for a little dry heat. The steam room lined with black quartz. (It’s a good “conductor of energy”—just go with it.) And the choose-your-own-adventure shower with a digital menu of spray options. (Sadly, no shuffle play.)

And in the event you came for a massage, sure. They can do that. Get something Swedish. Or try the Golfer’s Tonic if your legs and back could benefit from warm oils and a rubdown.

And they usually could.


at the Joule
1604 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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