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AT&T Park’s Best Neighbor: Umami Burger

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While the rest of the country’s baseball fever reaches code red...

Things are pretty quiet over at AT&T Park.

But don’t be fooled. That’s exactly when the burgers strike.

Just steps from AT&T Park, here’s Umami Burger SoMa—it’s double the size of the Union Street one, it’s also kind of a barn, and it’s now open.

In stark contrast to Union Street’s compact nook of Japanese-y minimalism, you’ve got lots of room here. You’ve got reclaimed Napa barn wood here. You’ve got random rusty signs that say “Cold Beer Liquor” here—not sure what that means, exactly, but you like the sound of it.

Whether you take over one of the big brown booths or a wooden stool at the bar, you know what to do here: burgers. Thick, loose patties of mysterious-fifth-taste burger, served with truffle fries and maybe topped with beer cheese. The SoMa signature burger (each Umami outpost has its own, you know) is still a mystery. Hasn’t launched yet. But it’ll be here long before the Giants get going again and you stop in before a game.

Your burger preseason is now.


Umami Burger SoMa
242 King St
(at 3rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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