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Twelve Stunning New Villas in Patagonia

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Just a heads-up:

We found 12 villas left in front of the most majestic Andean peaks in Patagonia.

So if you know anyone who might be interested in lounging around them like a South American mountain god, maybe spread the word.

And that word is: Awasi Patagonia, a dozen rustic-yet-stately mini lodges parked smack in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park, taking reservations now for a November 15 debut.

In short, you’re escaping to a really beautiful slice of nowhere (basically Chile’s answer to Yellowstone) and leaving your worldly possessions behind. Because down here, you can borrow their worldly possessions. They’re pretty good ones. Private hot tubs, fireplaces with bearskin rugs, 4x4 vehicles... just the essentials, really.

Regardless of which villa you claim, your daytime strategy remains the same: greet the morning/afternoon sun, slip into something robe-like, grab a fur blanket (you’ll have several to choose from) and gaze at those 9,000-foot mountains occupying your front yard.

And if you feel like stretching your legs, just call the receptionist. They’ll send over a guide who’ll take you off-roading through the forest to see things like rheas (which are like mini ostriches), guanacos (which are like mini llamas) and pumas.

Which are like really dangerous big cats.

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